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Posted in Ecology, global warming, Planet Care by helenofmarlowe on January 24, 2009

Mike Tidwells’s article in the January-February edition of Audubon magazine brings to our attention a serious problem that gets far too little media coverage: the environmental damage caused by a meat-centered diet. For the sake of our children, our grandchildren, of children the world over and of all the world’s living species, moderation of American meat-eating extravagance is needed.

The scientists have told us, but few of us have heard: If you are a beef-eater, switching to a vegetarian diet will do more good for the environment than changing your SUV to a hybrid car.  And raising pigs for human consumption causes water pollution, soil erosion, and wasterful water and land use.

In addition to compassion for animals and concern for human health, the preservation of our natural environment requires serious modification of our eating habits. We are destroying trees that remove air pollution and lower air temperature, and turning our rainforests into grazing pasture for cattle.

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