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How Do They Fool So Many Voters?

Posted in "North Carolina", Economy, Government, Government Politics, Local Government, NC, Politics, Winston-Salem by helenofmarlowe on October 10, 2011

I’ve never known anyone over the age of 13 to be as obsessed with sex as the current NC Republican legislators. They were hired to create jobs and improve the economy, but they’ve done nothing so far except insert themselves into the private lives of citizens. They’ve cut the budget so severely that the UNC system has had to cut more than 3,000 positions. This, they think, creates jobs? They’ve cut and closed government offices, putting many thousands of public employees out of work. Do they think that moving people out of jobs and into the un-employment lines is good for the economy? Our NC – DOT has just cut 400 positions. Will putting those 400 people onto the un-employment rolls help the economy? Our NC Republican legislators have passed laws curtailing women’s reproductive rights to a degree not seen (correct me if I’m wrong, anyone) in any other state, and approximately equal to the reproductive rights of the most restrictive theocracies. Not because they care about babies — I see no evidence that they care a whit about babies — but because they want to abolish the individual right to privacy. They are now spending their (our?) time and energy and tax money working on passing a Marriage Amendment to the NC constitution. Yep, not just a law, but a Constitutional Amendment! To strengthen it, I believe, against a possible newly elected and saner legislature changing that in future.

And this is the party that claims it wants to get big government out of our private lives. It’s clear their main goals are 1) causing as much damage to the economy as possible, so as to ensure our president will not be re-elected, and 2)  control the private lives of individual citizens.  How is it that they can fool so many voters?

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  1. trutherator said, on September 14, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Putting aside the fact that some want to subvert marriage laws through a surprising loophole, that loophole being that legislators and those who wrote the various state and federal constitutions never even conceived of the possibility of the new Orwellian Newspeak twists on the word.

    That said, this is the craziness you can get with government power, which is where everybody wants to get their own ideas enforced, or get a break for their corporation, or give out freebies to voters as if it were a charity to cover their own cronyism.

    The growth of government is unsustainable, because every government job comes at the cost of jobs in the industries that actually create production of goods and services.

  2. 47whitebuffalo said, on September 18, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Thank you so much for putting this soo concisely. And WHAT is with sex and these people? Is this a PR gambit to get people focused on sex in order to keep their minds OFF the truth of what’s happening? It’s very distrubing.

  3. Joseph Gilmore said, on September 19, 2011 at 7:30 am

    How is it that they can fool so many voters?
    I often ask these fools this. And in return I get jumbled, inarticulate, bumper-sticker replies that their shock-jocks shout out to them. Replies that they use to proselytize like those mostly unread blindingly bright-colored windshield literature thingies that have no name. It’s a crazy, frustrating, mixed up world we live in isn’t it?

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