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Are these football fans the faces of America?

Posted in "North Carolina", Obama by helenofmarlowe on December 17, 2012

I don’t know what a walk-on long snapper is —  sounds like a fish  — but this is the face of America.


I notice that many of the accounts of these human-impersonators have been closed, but not all. Why not all?  Sometimes I wonder if I really, really, believe in free speech.  I think I’d be tempted to turn my head and look the other way if these people were rounded up.

The account of Jarred Faul  has not been closed.  Why not?

The account of Japen__Vans has not been closed.   The account of  Liz Michael has not been closed.

The account of Quiverly Manhammer has not been closed.

The account of Frankie @FTharp31 has not been closed.

The account of Bernie @slow_bern has not been closed.    Why not?

The account of Jeremy Kruger has not been closed.

The account of Geoff Tuthill has not been closed.

Whenever you hear someone say that there is no longer racism in America,  remember this.    When you hear people say that the hatred of our president has nothing to do with race, remember this.

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