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Summer’s End

Posted in "North Carolina" by helenofmarlowe on October 18, 2015

Active Advisory: Freeze Warning

This is an unwelcome time of year for me. WeatherUnderground tells me to bring all my plants in but there is no room for them all. A front porch, and side deck, and a screened porch on the back, all with assorted vines hanging from pots and wall pockets, and aloe and sansevieria, jade and agave and  various succulents, cherry tomatoes …
The dragons wing begonias are still flaunting their coral flowers in the sun, and will not like coming indoors. The geraniums will be sacrificed.

I count eleven avocado trees. We eat lots of avocados, and I toss the pits into water. I don’t go through the elaborate toothpick method, just toss them into water.  Some will sprout and become trees.  None will produce avocados.

Several pots of setcreasea will live indoors, leggy by alive.
Where can we put the papyrus out of reach of Jellico, who loves to chew the papyrus stems but shows no interest in stems of other plants? Can’t put it up high, for the plant is too tall and will almost reach ceiling even sitting on a plant stand. It’s now on the deck, on a high rail, where there is no ceiling to scrape, though it may scrape the sky and puncture the clouds.

I must get to it. Take some last cuttings of basil and parsley.

Let the coleus go.

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  1. Jim Wheeler said, on October 19, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Ah, seasons. Variety is the spice of life. This was most evident to me when we lived in Hawaii for three years. It has seasons, actually, but they are bland, mere shadows of the mainland’s. Another good thing about seasons, they are good topics of conversation. Sometimes I think the weather is the only thing left that isn’t partisan.

    With the coming of cool temperatures I was reminded yesterday to clean our HVAC filters, repair our broken clothes-dryer vent flapper, and replace the bulbs on the back porch. (One of two bulbs had burned out and I knew if I didn’t do it now, the second would surely fail in the midst of an ice storm!)

  2. helenofmarlowe said, on October 19, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Jim,
    Sometime around the ides of March, I’ll be celebrating the change of season. Ah, change, the spice of life. I will rejoice in the longer days, the warmer sunshine, and yes, even the heat of August. But for now I think, how nice it would be if we could get rid of our washer and dryer and use the laundry room, with it’s fluorescent lighting, as a conservatory… Not gonna happen. (I actually did put the papyrus in there, to protect it from the cat that seems so strangely attracted to that plant above all others.) A month in Hawaii sounds good to me.

    • Jim Wheeler said, on October 19, 2015 at 3:26 pm

      Exactly. One month is much different from three years! 🙂

  3. vorsteggianuu said, on October 19, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Ah, Yes! Our annual dilemma — we want to protect our plants from the cold. That means bring them in
    from our deck, and from our porch. During the winter months we won’t be spending time on the porch or deck, but we have more plants than we have indoor places to put them where they can get sufficient sun to survive the winter.

    But we will do whatever is possible — so we have more than the usual # of flowers on the dining table.
    But it’s a table for six and we are only two — so why not?

    If plants could talk, I’m sure we would provide even more space.


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