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Caution Sign — Birds at Play

Posted in "North Carolina" by helenofmarlowe on May 15, 2014

In my most recent post before this,  about the faux pebbles, I mentioned that we have a wren building her nest in a flower pot on our back porch.

Here is an update.


Six Chicks

Yesterday around 5 pm my husband and I left to go to A/perture to see Tim’s Vermeer.  Just as we were leaving it occurred to me that Doug might come to mow our grass.  We don’t always know when he will show up, and it’s about time.   So I thought an emergency notice was in order.

We quickly grabbed pen, paper, string.

We can hear tiny cheeping sounds coming from the pot that used to hold pretty, healthy pansies.    Not so pretty now, but more interesting.  We can sit on the screened porch (to right in photo) and watch the parents flying in with food.  Both the male and the female build the nest and tend the young.  They fly to the edge of the flower pot with food, usually insects, go in to feed an open mouth,  and then out again to sing a song in the weeping yaupon before  resuming the hunting and gathering.

When we returned from Tim’s Vermeer, all was well.  Birds still nesting, grass still growing.








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Mysterious Faux Pebbles

Posted in "North Carolina" by helenofmarlowe on April 25, 2014

They looked kind of like pebbles, large pebbles, about the size of avocado pits.

But I could tell I was looking at something organic.   I picked up a couple of these organic pebbles and tossed them into a canvas bag.

We were in St. Augustine, stopping over for a few days on the way down to West Palm Beach.  So they must have been in that canvas bag for almost two weeks, forgotten — I’ll stop myself before I get too carried away and say forgotten and forlorn.

After getting back home to NC, I found the forgotten pebbles, and put them into water.

And here they are.

Faux Pebbles

Searching the web for a plant ID site, I ran across  Susan    and I’m glad I did.  She has already helped me identify a pineapple lily, and she offered to take a metaphorical stab at my organic pebbles if I post a photo.    I doubt that they’ll want to be planted outside (zone 7) but maybe a pot with sandy soil will be the way to go.

And I will add, as I did in my previous post  “Faux Spring”  that I can no longer control the placement of photos.  Word Press seems to have limited the options.      Either that , or I haven’t figured out the new rules  (a possibility not to be dismissed).

But, that aside, here are the two faux pebbles sitting on a ledge on my back screened porch.

The growth has occurred since, oh, I guess mid-February.


Would love to hear from anyone who can ID these pebble imposters.

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Planet Care

Posted in Ecology, global warming, Planet Care by helenofmarlowe on January 24, 2009

Mike Tidwells’s article in the January-February edition of Audubon magazine brings to our attention a serious problem that gets far too little media coverage: the environmental damage caused by a meat-centered diet. For the sake of our children, our grandchildren, of children the world over and of all the world’s living species, moderation of American meat-eating extravagance is needed.

The scientists have told us, but few of us have heard: If you are a beef-eater, switching to a vegetarian diet will do more good for the environment than changing your SUV to a hybrid car.  And raising pigs for human consumption causes water pollution, soil erosion, and wasterful water and land use.

In addition to compassion for animals and concern for human health, the preservation of our natural environment requires serious modification of our eating habits. We are destroying trees that remove air pollution and lower air temperature, and turning our rainforests into grazing pasture for cattle.

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