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Epilogue on Technology

Posted in Uncategorized by helenofmarlowe on July 11, 2010

But first a digression: I’ve spent enough time trying to figure out how to comment on my own post, thinking I would put the epilogue in a comment box, like you guys have done. Can’t find a way to comment on my own post, so — new post:

Yesterday, my son Bucky came over. He listened patiently to my grumbling, asked for a wire stripper, and before long he had the old radio/cd player fixed. I had fun saying Watch me! Watch me! as I moved around the stations and volumne etc. w/o looking.  (Tactile sense should not be so lightly discounted by the new engineers who design these new radios.)  He put up with all this silliness, and all it cost me was one Elizabeth’s mushroom and banana pepper pizza and a Corona.

Adam, I also have at least one old Sheaffer pen that I’d like to find, and one gold (coloured) fountain pen of a brand I forget. I’m about to start looking for those — you may have just started a run for the fountain pen industry.
Does anyone remember those inexpensive knock-offs that came around in, oh, maybe the early ’70s? Had fountain pen nibs but were filled with a cartridge. I actually like those, but then I don’t claim to have classy taste.

Now I have to decide what to do with this new $150 Brookstone iDesign radio/cd/ipod gizmo.  And also still curious about why it is that with all the other radios in our house (three) simply walking around in the room will cause static.  Sometimes just have to peel the potatoes standing in a different spot to clear the static.   Maybe I’m radio-active hee hee.

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