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We all do that? Really?

Posted in "North Carolina", Winston-Salem by helenofmarlowe on February 17, 2013


Oh Jeez we’ve done it again.

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Last night it was Vincenzo’s.  The spinach ravioli there is wonderful, and the music is not too loud for conversation.  A very pleasant and comfortable place for dinner. We’ve just returned from about two weeks in Florida (eating in restaurants for two weeks, so naturally we came home and had to eat out again).  This time it was a neighborhood (sort of) Italian locally-owned restaurant.

So when we made our unhappy discovery, I went to Richard, the impeccably dressed owner, and said,  I hope you remember us.  He smiled and said yes, of course.   And that we’ve been coming here for 20 years … He nodded, yes …  And we live close by …  He didn’t know that I’m sure but he smiled and nodded …  and my husband left his wallet at home, and I never carry a purse, or almost never …

He laughed, said no problem, we all do that.  Richard is always gracious.

We offered to come back before they close at midnight, and he said that would be fine, or we could just call in a credit card when we get home.   That’s what we did.

We were too embarrassed to ask for our senior discount, so we just said add a 20% tip for the waitress.

Someone, I forget who, said  Old age ain’t for sissies.  If I were younger, I would remember who said that.

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